The World Health Organization (WHO), defines Pharmacovigilance as the science and activities related to detection, evaluation, comprehension and prevention of adverse effects of medicines or any other health problem related to them.

Biopas has culture of safety driven by the patient, our ambition is to help make the world a better place for patients and their families.

The Pharmacovigilance system is a mandatory requirement for the early detection of risks associated to pharmacotherapy and to prevent problems related to medicines.  In addition, it helps health care professionals and Biopas´ patients to get the best benefit-risk ratio with a safe and effective therapy.

Biopas is the Pharmacovigilance representative in the countries in which it is present.  We are committed to follow-up the security profile of our products, in alignment with our licensor´s Pharmacovigilance programs; for this reason we make sure to subject any suspicion of problem related to medicines to the competent national authority and our business partners.

As part of the development of the implementation of the Pharmacovigilance program in Biopas, we make sure:

  1. To identify and report security information of patients who use Biopas´ marketed products.
  2. To prevent harm arising from adverse effects.
  3. To promote the safe use of pharmaceutical products, medical-surgical devices, and cosmetics for the care and maintenance of human health.
  4. ConTo contribute to patient protection and to avoid impact in the public health system.
  5. To conduct scientific evaluation of all adverse reactions´ information.
  6. To promote the participation of all Biopas´ employees in the Pharmacovigilance program.
  7. To encourage cooperation and communication of all members of the organization trending towards the timely and proper report of adverse reactions.

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